If you’ve been putting GDPR on the long finger or you’re in denial here are some quick wins that will show that you have been pro-active and made a start on your GDPR journey.

  • Find out where all your personal data is stored …… consider every type of data even questionnaires or CV’s
  • Map that data to the business process. i.e HR, sales etc
  • Agree on the business processes that should be kept, changed or scrapped!
  • Get rid of all personal data that do not support compliance or the processes you have decided to get rid of. Making sure that you have a legitimate reason to keep/collect that data.
  • Get commitment from the business to fulfil your firms GDPR obligation
  • Make sure you get the appropriate guidance on what & how you should be processing data.

By completing this list, you can prove that you have made a start and that you’re aware of what you need. Getting rid of any data that isn’t needed you reduce your overall risk.

You cant use what you don’t have!